Could El Bonpland be our NFP? (New Favourite Parrilla)

We came across El Bonpland a few months back and been meaning to put it through “the Home Test”.  We are a bit spoilt for carnivorous choice in Palermo –  the classic El Trapiche for the totally porteño experience, but best enjoyed by a group, we like La Cabrera if we ever got it together to actually book in advance (not likely). Miranda is fun and Don Julio still rocks, but many parrillas have either closed or quality has gone down in direct proportion to their prices going up (darn you campo!).  So we were intrigued by this unassuming little spot.

We finally got around to it last night…the verdict?  Well, the wine list is way too short, the salad average, but who goes to a parrilla for salad?  Lets get to the imnportant issue here:  the steak!  We ordered sirloin (bife de chorizo) rare to medium (bien jugoso) and the waiter cut it in half with a spoon! Rather gimmicky but a good omen nonetheless,  now to the bite…scrumptious, juicy, tender and yes, very jugoso indeed.  So happy as Larry customer so far.

The question is, does it cut it to be in the our very own Home Guide?  Well, we folks at Home are very thorough, so we’ll have to go back for the main man: the bife the lomo to see if it really cuts the mustard.

El Bonpland

Bonpland 2113, Palermo Hollywood


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