From Home to La Maison

Once upon a time a pretty french girl named Fleur came to stay at Home.  She fell in love with Buenos Aires and dreamt of coming back.

A few years went by and one day not too long ago she turned up at our Home door but sans bagagge.  Quel surprise ! Je l’ai dit, Are you staing at Home? I asked , “mais non” she replied, I´ve got my own La Maison.

Well not a normal maison, but a beautiful one where you can sample, may I dare say it? the best french food in the city since the demise of our favourite french bistro , Napoleon (sniff, sniff).

We visited La Maison a few times as it is luckily just a block away from Home and enjoyed it very much.

We returned yesterday for a sumptuous lunch. What a treat!  We loved everything about it  We feel Fleur has found her stride with a wonderful and well thought out menu, excelent produce and impeccably executed dishes.

We are happy she has set up her home in Buenos Aires.

La Maison
Honduras 5774
Palermo Hollywood


One response to “From Home to La Maison

  1. Had New Year’s Eve dinner at La Maison. We had walked in a day earlier and chatted with Fleur and booked straight away. Had a fabulous time! I wrote a bit about La Maison and the NYE menu at :


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