Original narrative & shocking artwork

Clase Turista is an argentinian literary publishing house.Its goal is to stimulate the pleasure and teletransporting property of reading, through original narrative approaches and shocking artwork.
Clase Turista produces its books based on the belief in a new kind of reader, whose worldview is governed by the notion of “flash”: the contemporary way to interact with the world, impregnated with Hollywood discourses, Pop culture, literature, drugs, text messages and the threat of reality in the news or on the streets.

In contrast to the digitalization of reading, each book is unique and handmade, vindicating craftwork, the value of the object-book, and the fetishist’s pleasure.
Its production system is a mixture of punk’s do it yourself philosophy and Latin American guerrilla war planning: conceptual synthesis, minimum resources, maximum impact.

A must read & see, in Home‘s opinion…


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