Urban heritage: Flea markets & Antiques in Buenos Aires

Flea markets are places where you can stir up the past. In these markets, that offer a bit of everything, each object has its own history. You just have to open your eyes, stir, and jump into the time tunnel.
Have you ever wondered why they were named “flea market”?  “In Paris, birthplace of these places, the clothes that were sold came full of fleas,” explains the architect José María Peña, director of the Museum of the City.

In the San Telmo market, for example, most prices are in dollars, something impossible to think of in 1897, when it first opened its iron and glass doors to sell meat, fruits and vegetables. Eventhough you can still find several grocery stores, stalls selling antiques are majority, and they take advantage of international tourism that come to this neighborhood looking for antiques.

In the other end of town, in Colegiales, chaos and disorganization rule in the labyrinths of Mercado Dorrego. This Flea Market, opened in 1928 as a fruits and vegetables wholesale center. Now there are over 200 stalls selling the most outrageous objects. Besides getting lamps with the styling of the 60s and china, the novelty of this eclectic market is that you can also leave items on consignment and propose swaps with the stallholders.

So, if you want to look for deals on vintage and collectibles in your next trip to Buenos Aires, then you should visit these flea markets:

  • Parque Lezama
: Brasil and Defensa (San Telmo) Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10 to 21 hs.
  • Feria San Pedro Telmo de Antigüedades: 
Defensa and Humberto 1° (San Telmo) Sunday from 10 to 17 hs.
  • Feria de las Artes
 Plazoleta de San Francisco: Alsina and Defensa (San Telmo) Friday from 12 to 17 hs.
  • Mercado de las Luces: 
Perú and Alsina (Microcentro)
 Monday thru Friday from 11 to 19 hs.
  • Patio del Cabildo : Bolívar 65 (Microcentro)
 Thursday & Friday from 10 to 18 hs.
  • Feria Vuelta de Rocha – Caminito
 Del Valle Iberlucea – Magallanes – Avda. Pedro de Mendoza (La Boca)
: Thursday thru Sunday and holidays  from 10 to 20 hs.
  • Paseo del Retiro : Av. de los Inmigrantes between Antártida Argentina and Ramón Castillo (Retiro)
 Saturday from 12 to 20 hs., Sunday and holidays from 10 to 20 hs.
  • Plaza Dr. B. Houssay
: Av. Córdoba and Junín – Tuesday to Friday from 11 to 18 hs.
  • Parque Rivadavia (used books )
 Av. Rivadavia 4800 (Caballito)
  • Parque Centenario – Paseo de los Artesanos
: Av. Díaz Vélez and Leopoldo Marechal (Parque Centenario)
 Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10 to 20 hs.
  • Mercado Dorrego
: Dorrego and Av. Alvarez Thomas. Daily from 10 to 20.
  • Feria del Convento
: Convento de San Ramón Nonato, Reconquista 269. Sunday from 11 to 19.
  • Feria de la baulera
: Saturday & sunday from 11 to 19, Azcuénaga 1654.
  • Feria de Mataderos : Av. de los Corrales 6500 (Mataderos)
 Saturday from 18 to 24 hs., Sunday and holidays from 11 to 21 hs.
  • Ejército de Salvación: 
Av. Sáenz 580, Pompeya
  • Cottolengo Obra Don Orione: Cachi 566, Pompeya

3 responses to “Urban heritage: Flea markets & Antiques in Buenos Aires

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  2. Buenos Aires Hotel

    Hi, your tips for antiques are great, also I would like to add another. You could find more than 5 antiques stores in the Angel Gallardo avenue, near the “Cid” that is where juan b justo, san martin, and honorio pueyrredon have a crossroad.


  3. Thanks for your tip!

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