Signposts of fashion’s future- part 1-

BAFweek , a classic of every season, started yesterday showing the trends for this upcoming summer season.

Marcelo Giacobbe and Magalí Belingüeres, Semillero UBA winners (an event organized by the University of Buenos Aires UBA and BAFWEEK, which selects design proposals developed by students),  were in charge of opening the runway. Magali Belingüeres was inspired by Latin America and its festivals: lots of colour, rustic textures and overlapping volume. Marcelo Giacobbe was inspired by Eva Peron’s funeral: gray and white in cotton, denim, and leather.

Desiderata showed a mix of prints, very short dresses, nude tones and flashes of sequins for the evening. More vibrant colors for the ethnic trend, one of the hits of the upcoming season.

Juana de Arco, with Paraguayan craft fabrics, cotton hot pants with multicolored patchwork and loose dresses brought the eighties back to town.

Wanama hit the catwalk with a live folk band, showcasing navy classic style with blue, white and red stripes, flared skirts and flower patterns.

Group 134, Romina Cardillo and Diana Muia, put value in the use of paper textures for a rusty look.

The star of the runway? Platform shoes that are relaunched and looks like they will be the hit of this 2011 summer.

Stay tuned for more fashion news!


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