Signposts of fashion’s future- part 2

Day 2 of BAFweek: a grey and  freezing afternoon in Buenos Aires , but inside La Rural we had an advance of the warm days to come.

Rapsodia started with a jungle inspiration: loose dresses with floral and tribal prints, often in combination, jean jackets, crochet and see thru fabrics, sequins and silver and gold glitters.

Marcelo Senra was influenced by the Arabs, with robes in different versions of Moroccan mosaic designs printed on linen and washed silk organza. All in harmonious ranges of white, turquoise and earth tones.

Uma relaunched the 70’s and 80’s style: ultra miniskirts, shorts, mini-dresses, jackets, printed shirts, pants and corset that are softened in combination with net garments.

Hermanos Estebecorena presented a collection inspired by the military and safari style: green, beige, camel, black and white.  The silhouette is no longer so tightly to the body.

We’ll see more today, on the last day of this fashion event. Stay tuned!

Fotos by La Nacion


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