Home Hotel keeps it fresh down in BA

Home Hotel has just completed major rennovations in public areas and in its Superior rooms.
 Never one to rest on its laurels, Wallpaper* Best New Hotel 2007, decided to freshen things up
in its famously cool bar and a give a bit of an edge to its Superior Rooms with new original
 wallpapers, new color schemes and other design and ammenities details.

The main feature of the Superior Rooms rennovation is the use of some of their owners’ latest
 wallpaper acquisitions, such as a handpainted 1930´s French blue and metalic paper and a
wonderful William Morris original.  These papers set the colour scheme for each room with
their Chilean wool rugs, llama-wool blankets and the coloured mood lighting that gets switched
 on during turn-down service.

Home´s famous cocktail bar also got a facelift, with a new hardwood floor, vintage 50´s 
americana chairs –  luckily found at a local Flea Market, plus new americana inspired bespoke
  barstools to prop oneself and enjoy Argentina´s Best Barman 2010, Daniel Biber´s celebrated

Amongst other rennovations, Home invited Buenos Aires star street artist “Pum Pum” to create
 exclusive murals in the hotel.  She transformed the pool bathroom and the entrance to Home’s
 cool Loft apartments and we love it.


One response to “Home Hotel keeps it fresh down in BA

  1. Awesome job! Hope I can stay there one day! ;D


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