Correa Shoes: a ladies danger zone.

“Oh no, you got that glazed look in your eyes!”, cried my husband as I hiperventilated my way through trying  the 10th pair of shoes.  He made the
mistake of bringing me to Correa, the famous cobblers that have been making
shoes for men for generations, to pick a pair of handcrafted brogues he
ordered.  And alas, family Correa youngest generation just opened a new shop
across the road… for women!

The glazed look he is refering to is a mix of excitement, giddiness and abandonement I get when seeing amazing shoes (I don’t think I am alone here).  They specilize in flats with interchangeable cute accesories to suit your outfit, and I got 2 of those one in fuchsia and one in light blue plus a green patent leather pair.

But honey, they are handmade and only cost 290 pesos, how can I not?  I said pleadingly as I wipped my debit card before he could reply while thinking, he is lucky I did not buy boots, and purses and super cool bags as well.

But there’s always a next visit…. So, gentleman beware, Correa has just become a ladies danger zone.

Correa for Men – Mario Bravo 750
Correa for Women – Mario Bravo 735


One response to “Correa Shoes: a ladies danger zone.

  1. Oh, cool shoes! Too bad I missed this store whem I lived in Buenos Aires :/.

    Nice weekend to you all!


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