Top 5 vegetarian restaurants a few steps away from Home Hotel

Did you think that all we ate in BA is beef? Well, almost, but not quite. A very thriving and tasty vegetarian scene is only a few steps away from Home Hotel. If you are vegetarian, you picked the right neighborhood. If you are not, why not give the beef a bit of  a rest, and try any of the following:

A 100% vegetarian cafe & bakery, Meraviglia is ideal for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea. Bright and airy with a few tables outside this is the choice spot for healthy conacious yummy mummies from Palermo Hollywood.
Gorriti 5796 (& Carranza)

Buenos Aires Verde
Perfect for vegans and rawists amongst us. BAV replaces the very missed Verde Llama with similar fare, but much closer to Home.
Gorriti 5657  (between Carranza & Bompland)

A small open kitchen run by a grandmother and only a few tables makes this vegetaruan outfit a hidden gem. Best for lunch.
Arevalo 1478

A pioneer of the organic/ vegetarian movement in the area, this establishment is always busy with a loyal following.
Humboldt 2199 (& Guatemala)

The more “gourmet” of all the vegie choices in the guide, this restaurant is totally woth a visit. Excellent vegetarian food with an Asian twist and quite the hip crowd is what to expect.
El Salvador 5783 (& Carranza)


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