Design in Buenos Aires: Top 10 list (part one)

Travelers choose to visit a city for its landscape-natural and urban, its comforts, its people, its culture. And design in Buenos Aires became one of the most important features: Buenos Aires has been elected as the “city of design” in 2005, by UNESCO, in the context of the program ‘Creative Cities Network of the Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity’.

This means a great acknowledgment.

 In Buenos Aires you may find a non conventional offer. Small objects which may give character or personality to a house area, or pieces of furniture which offer a young, functional and warm atmosphere to any place. In the case of clothes, there is a wide and particular proposal which has given further steps and offered non standard articles without being sectary or elitist. Maybe the closest definition to this trend is a certain sophistication which mixes up urban Latin spirit with influences from the European movement -always present in the Buenos Aires culture.

Here’s our top 10 Design list (part one):

  1. Juana de Arco: El Salvador 4762- Mariana Cortes, founded Juana de Arco 10 years ago as a place to create, display, sell and live. Its hallmark is the patchwork design, which enables to generate new combinations, breaking patterns and tearing imagery and references. Juana de Arco works with the reinterpretation of types, shapes and textures.
  2. Salsipuedes / Almazen de lanas: Honduras 4814- Mariana Delger translate and expresses her inner world through different knitting techniques.
  3. HE Brothers Estebecorena: El Salvador 5960- Brothers Javier and Alejo Estebecorena’s clothes are based on the conceptual and technological development of form and function, seeking the development of an ergonomic product.
  4. No brand: Gorriti 5876- Hernán Berdichevsky and Gustavo Stecher, graphic designers, founded Nobrand in 2001. They created 75 icons that represent the idiosyncrasies of our national identity with multiple references to aesthetics, characters and places of our country.
  5. Dam: Honduras 4775- Carola Besasso founded DAM in 1998 in Palermo Viejo.  DAM philosophy: unique garments with a retro look.

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