Design in Buenos Aires: Top 10 list (part two)

Design in Buenos Aires is a network, a weft of institutions, public and private, professionals, public spaces, which are permanently generating initiatives and projects more and more visible and tangible now a days.

All this creative and growing magma is known as the “new move of design in Buenos Aires”. Buenos Aires designers are very well informed about what it is produced and designed around the world. These influences are complemented with a search through warm and local materials (leather, woods, rocks, etc.).

Here’s our top 10 Design list (part two):

  1. Maria Cher El Salvador 4724- Based on innovation and revival of the classic, María Cher collections are designed for the dynamic woman who reinvents herself and is free with her body.
  2. Orb Malabia 1628
    ORB means mixture, freedom and irony. They create their own prints that are applied to different items in each of their collections.
  3. Cora Groppo El Salvador 4696
    A journey from the three-dimensional body focusing on the construction of the garments are the continued development of the personal idea of Cora Groppo. The clothes are created directly on the mannequin, making molds to the body from the intuition and spontaneity of the creative moment.
  4. Vero Ivaldi Gurruchaga 1585
    Indisputable leader in the Argentine design, Vero Ivaldi introduces us into a different world in every collection without losing the horizon of her creative search.
  5. Flavia Martini Armenia 1655
    Inspired by ancient Japanese printed books, Flavia Martini established her firm in 2002. The prints are the absolute protagonists in each collection, constantly looking to innovate in new techniques, colors and shapes.

One response to “Design in Buenos Aires: Top 10 list (part two)

  1. Buenos Aires is a fascinating city with an amazing fashion culture. You can see at it streets all kind of trendy outfits and vintage outfits that beautify the city.

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