What to do on a rainy day?

What to do on a rainy day? Here’s our suggestion for today:

German Film Festival at Abasto Shopping
Tuesday 28@15.30hs
This is the story of what happened in 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, when the German Olympic Committee decided to ban the participation of Jewish athletes.

Tuesday 28@17.40hs
Road-movie full of tension: two television journalists, a doctor and a nurse, all Germans, and an Iraqi driver embark on a dangerous, almost insane, travel by van through the desert from Baghdad to Fallujah, to get medications for a hospital.

Tuesday 28@19.40hs
Day comes
Excellent directorial debut Susanne Schneider (also wrote the script) that shows the unhealed wounds that left in the German society of terrorism by the 70.

Tuesday 28@9.30 pm: Modern? Jazz Band
Callao 966

What if in the same concert a band starts playing modern jazz and switches to jazz of New Orleans? 
To give that answer now is the Modern? Jazz Band, a “Big” made especially for the night of Notorious by pianist and arranger Manuel Fraga.


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