Nights of moon & mystery in Buenos Aires

Nights of moon & mystery in Buenos Aires
October 23rd

Buenos Aires gives life to a lot of myths and legends that run on the same streets where residents and visitors walk every day. These stories are part of the imaginary of the city and are transmitted primarily through oral tradition. They transcend from generation to generation, forming part of the popular culture of the city. 
Legends, real stories, tales, proverbs, popular sayings and anecdotes are exponents of an oral tradition that often seem to be forgotten.
What is the secret of the durability of these legends Buenos Aires? maybe it is a collective desire, some fear or teaching that make these legends to remain. We do not know, but we bet it has to do with the fascination that causes hearing a good story …
“Nights of moon & mystery” is a compilation of stories and urban myths of our City neighborhoods. The ghosts of Buenos Aires, will live to tell his story why their souls are still wandering the dark streets of Buenos Aires. The tickets can be collected the day of the function at the Zoo after 20.30 pm
Zoo Buenos Aires


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