Marta Minujín at MALBA

Malba will close the year with a retrospective of the argentine artist Marta Minujín, with more than 100 works that focus on her historical production of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The exhibition invites visitors to review the works of this artist, made both in Buenos Aires, Paris and New York, among other cities.

The exhibition is organized in a chronological order and includes paintings and early works from 1959 to her work on media in 1966, the hippie experience of 1968 until her mass participation projects, like the Book Parthenon (El Partenón de libros) constructed with forbidden books of the Last Military Dictatorship in Argentina.

Marta Minujín.
From 26 November to 7 February 2011.
Room 5 (2 nd floor), and terrace Room 3 (1 st floor)


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