A win-win situation: Fair trade in Buenos Aires

Fair trade is an organized social movement and market-based approach that aims to help producers in developing countries make better trading conditions and promote sustainability.
Fair Trade is more than just trading: it proves that greater justice in world trade is possible. It highlights the need for change in the rules and practice of conventional trade and shows how a successful business can also put people first.

In Buenos Aires, there are several places where you can find original art & crafts souvenirs. Here are Home Hotel favourites:

Arte y Esperanza

Arte y Esperanza works with 36 communities, representing eight different ethnic groups and various groups of artisans with marketing difficulties. This means social and economic support to more than 500 families in the Kolla, Wichí, Qom- Toba, Mbya-Guaraní, Pilagá, Chan, Diaguita Calchaquí and Mapuche communities.

Pasion Argentina
Pasion Argentina’s business philosophy is based on respect for the design ethic, envoronmental responsibility and the promotion of human rights. They also support several communities of Diaguitas, Calchaqui and Wichi all in the north of Argentina.

Arte de Pueblos
A place for locals and tourists to know how the indigenous peoples of Argentina live and work today. When you buy here will benefit directly:
• 250 families in the steppes of Rio Negro (Valcheta, Sierra Paileman, Corralito Panquehuau, Pilcaniyeu, Dina Huapi, Pichi Leufu, Rio Chico, Ñirihuau, Las Bayas, Ing. Jaccobacci, Comallo, Anecon, Sierra Colorada, and San Antonio Oeste )
• 26 Aboriginal communities in Salta, Formosa and Jujuy (Campo Durán, Tuyunti, Santa Victoria Este, Mission La Paz, La Merced, San Luis, Pozo El Tigre, El Canaveral, Ingeniero Juárez, Las Lomitas, La Quiaca, Cerro Negro and Abra Pampa, etc.)
• 280 indigenous artisans from 16 communities in the Wichi area of Formosa

Fundación Silataj
Fundación Silataj is a nonprofit organization since 1986. It´s main objective is to improve the indigenous people from north Argentina´s quality of living. It promotes work alternatives through trading their handcrafts under the principles of Fair Trade. It encourages and support artisans to start their own organizations to sell their handcrafts looking after their interests. It respects and promotes their cultures. It works in Salta, Formosa and Jujuy with the following communities: wichi, chané, toba, pilagá, chorote and kolla.

So go ahead: shop ’till you drop and feel good about it!


2 responses to “A win-win situation: Fair trade in Buenos Aires

  1. Great ideas from Home Hotel, but where are these places located? Can you provide locations/addresses (are they in Buenos Aires) or websites (if this is for shopping online)? Gracias!

  2. Thank you Odile for your comments! If you click on the titles you’ll find their websites.
    Just in case, here are the links 🙂
    Arte y Esperanza: http://www.arteyesperanza.com.ar/
    Pasion Argentina: http://www.pasion-argentina.com.ar/
    Arte de Pueblos: http://www.artedepueblos.org.ar/
    Fundacion Silataj: http://www.fundacionsilataj.org.ar/

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