New Farmer’s Market: a meeting point between producers and aware consumers.

In San Fernando (north of Buenos Aires, near Tigre), the new Farmer’s Market “Sabe la Tierra” (the Earth knows) and has become the meeting point between producers and aware consumers. Organic food, natural and agro-ecological and sustainable design objects and fair trade products are for sale every Saturday from 10 to 18 hours.

Just like other world cities, residents of Buenos Aires and surrounding areas now have the ability to access a different market, where you can buy directly from producers in socially and environmentally ethical conditions. In this way, producers get a fair wage for their work, consumers make responsible purchasing and generating gains community awareness about the benefits of eating locally and naturally, respecting social rights and preserving the environment.

“Our goal is to promote an alternative lifestyle more in keeping with the nature of which we are all part and generate a meeting between producers and consumers. We are very happy with the response of people every Saturday to support this space about their purchases, “says Angie Ferrazzini, AlmaMater of  “Sabe la Tierra”.

The Market is held every Saturday throughout the year, between 10 and 18 pm, in the San Fernando Train Station of Tren de la Costa, located in Rosario & Madero street (between Sarmiento and 9 de Julio, near Libertador 1000), in the north area of Buenos Aires. And on Wednesdays it can be found at Boulevard Tigre (Saenz Peña 1400, Tigre, Buenos aires).

It consists of 30 stalls selling fruit, vegetables, chickens, eggs, cheeses, cereals, jams and preserves, bread grain, oils, herbs, teas, herbs and live food. In addition there are objects of sustainable design, wool crafts, onjects in rattan reeds made by the Islanders, as well as environmental services and dissemination of social economy projects.

An off the beaten track spot to visit.


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