Calesitas of Buenos Aires

For the locals before the generation of video games, there is no complete representation of childhood without the “calesitas” (carousel or merry-go-round), the endless round where one can move at a constant rate followed by a bull, a fire engine, a police car. Where you can choose between riding a horse, a motorbike or a rocket and the three will move the same way, up and down, while the calesita turns slowly.

Buenos Aires is known as a city of carousels. This game came from Europe in the hands of French and Italian immigrants in the late nineteenth century: the first carousel settled in the present Plaza Lavalle.

Some time later, in the twentieth century, they began to be made by craftsmen in the country. By 1950, each square of each district of the city already had its carousel. In the 90’s the carousels languished: their number dropped to 24. But neighbors defended them, and managed to have them recognized as a fundamental part of the city.
Today there are over fifty working carousels in almost all districts of the city.

If you happen to come to BA with children, this is a must! Closest calesitas to Home are:

  • Plaza Campaña del Desierto: Malabia & Costa Rica
  • Jardin Zoologico: Las Heras Av. & Sarmiento Av.
  • Parque Tres de Febrero: Libertador Av. & Casares Av.
  • Plaza Union Latinoamericana: Medrano & El Salvador
  • Paseo Alcorta: Salguero & Figueroa Alcorta Av.

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  1. This is great information. When you are raising a kid and you really want the kid to have a wonderful childhood, you are always looking for things to do.

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