EL muelle: a fish restaurant ON the water of the Rio de la Plata

As many visitors have noted, there are 2 things Buenos Aires lacks, good fish restaurants and river bank restaurants (puerto madero river inlet does not count).  We are happy to report we have just enjoyed a most excellent lunch at a fish restaurant ON the water of the Rio de la Plata.

We are talking about El Muelle, at the Fishermens Club.  Intrepid and curious, as we folks at Home Hotel are, it only took hearing a passing coment about this place for us to quickly act upon.

We called to make a booking, as being Saturday, we thought it was necessary.  Nope, was the answer, no need for a reservation, so off we went to the river bank (next to Aeroparque) with a little aprehension as to wether we could get a good table (we are a little obsesed about getting good tables).

The Club de Pescadores is a English inspired building built in 1903, and it´s one of those very recognizabel landmarks in BA we knew so little about. We entered the restaurant El Muelle, and we got that easy felling, a mix of carefree joy and giddiness one gets while on holiday.  The weather was perfect, sunny blue skies, 20 degrees and a slight breeze.

Indeed, no reservation was needed as several tables on the outdoor area were empty.  The menu has a fantastic selection of both local and imported fish (red tuna from ecuador for example), seafood and river fish.  A good bottle of sauvignon blanc accompanied a seafood fritata (baby squid, langostines, calamari and scallops)  all perfectly succulent and fresh with the perfect texture.  Stomping good start.  For main course we chose one catch of the day (white tuna) served with seafood rice and a grilled dorado. Both outstanding, perfectly cooked with the perfect moisture throughout (something of a surprise in this land).  Desserts, a sophisticated version of flan with dulce de leche and a dark chocolate cake with rasberry sorbet, were both delicious and wonderfully presented.

This place is a real gem, and we cant understand why it is not packed on a perfect Saturday.  But in a way, this may not be such a bad things for the lucky ones who discover it.

El Muelle
Club de Pescadores
Av. Rafael Obligado y Av Sarmiento
Costanera Norte, Palermo
  • Tuesday to Sunday lunch
  • Tuesday to Saturday dinner
  • Credit cards accepted

3 responses to “EL muelle: a fish restaurant ON the water of the Rio de la Plata

  1. Sounds like a place I need to eat. I’m so there.

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