A Tower of Babel in Buenos Aires?

If you happen to be walking near Plaza San Martin, you’ll see it: a fragmented conical structure, approximately twenty-five meters high by fifteen meters of diameter at its base, covered with books in different languages.

This art work of urban intervention is made up of 20,000 books in different languages whose meaning implies:
– living together in one space between the manifold and the particular
– The possibility of construction of the collective from the singularity
– the great metaphor of what happens every day in our city where different communities live together that make the identity of Buenos Aires.

Many of the books in different languages that are part of the Tower are input from different countries and communities, and once this work is disarmed the books will become part of the first multilingual library that Buenos Aires will have in a near future.

Some tips if you want to visit it:
-It will be open until June 28th
-Guided visits start at 10 and can be done every hour until 9 pm. Self tours in the tower are not allowed.
– You’ll have to register at capitalmundialdellibro@buenosaires.gob.ar.


2 responses to “A Tower of Babel in Buenos Aires?

  1. She is such a cool person, love her creativity and vision!

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