Sweet Buenos Aires: Top 5 places for those who have a sweet tooth

We love sweet things in Buenos Aires, but there’s a lot more than Dulce de leche! These are our sweet picks:

Sugar & Spice
Chocolate chip cookies, Italian style biscotti, pound cakes, brownies….to die for! Our favorite: Passion for Chocolate Cookies

Caramelos Artesanos
This store goes back to the basics: they challenge the senses, creating a contemporary design candy with the best flavors and an artsy twist. Our favorite: Watermelon hard candy. And they’re right next door to us!

Muma’s cupcakes
The traditional cupcakes, but made in BA. Our favorites: Tropical Banana (banana and dulce de leche) and Red Velvet (vainilla and cream cheese).

Buenos Aires Pastry
A lovely store with a terrace in Palermo Soho. Our favorites: Strawberry muffins….yummy!

Les Croquants
Sweets for the Soul: Design & pastry together to recapture the joy of eating sweets.
Our favorites: macarons. Any of them …


One response to “Sweet Buenos Aires: Top 5 places for those who have a sweet tooth

  1. mmmmm! yummy! i love all this stuff! thats why i make them myself! 😉

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