Contemporary Jewelry stores of Buenos Aires

Apart from the traditional and classic ones, there are many contemporary jewelry stores in Buenos Aires that bring us great pieces, made with unconventional materials, where silver stands out. Here are our favorite 5:

In this jewelry store you’ll find the work of several important designers. They specialize in silver jewelry. For those who also want to learn they have a unique jewelry design workshop.
Honduras 4808

Viviana Carriquiry-Paula Levy
All pieces are handmade in excellent and varied materials such as silver, leather, Swarovski crystals and acrylic.
Nicaragua 4519

Celedonio Lohidoy
He is an architect, artist and decorator pampered by the local press and department stores around the world.  He is well known for his Baroque jewelry designs .
Av Alvear 1883 (Promenade Gallery)

Marcelo Toledo
Marcelo Toledo is a silversmith that surprises the world with his creativity and good taste. He designed a collection inspired on Evita, with 120 pieces: rings, brooches, and necklaces.
Humberto 1° 462

Antonio Belgiorno
Since 1931, Antonio Belgiorno Inc. has established itself as the most important silver jewellery store in Argentina, and stands out for quality around the world.
Av. Santa Fe 1347


One response to “Contemporary Jewelry stores of Buenos Aires

  1. It is wonderful to see such beautiful jewelry designs from around the world. Thank you for sharing.

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