Speakeasies: bars behind closed doors

Speakeasies were numerous and popular during the Prohibition years. Some of them were operated by people who were part of organized crime. Although police and agents of the Bureau of Prohibition would often raid them and arrest their owners and patrons, they were so profitable that they continued to flourish.

All great cities have their secrets bars. Even Buenos Aires already has four exponents.

Our favorite one in Buenos Aires is Frank’s. It is the last appearance in the list of locals speakeasies. And the first one directly inspired by the bars of New York.

Not only they emulate the ancient aesthetics (with sofas and low tables, chairs and much upholstery style), but require a password to enter. Once you get there, you’ll find a false telephone booth where a code must be set in order to open the door. Yes, it’s a secret code and no, we cannot give it to you…. not even the address.

But if you talk to the security person or to other people coming, if you dress with a certain elegance, surely you’re going to get it.


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