Villa Crespo: the new Palermo?

Villa Crespo’s restaurants have always been on the traditional side: “Napoles”, a typical pizzeria, italian “La Mamma Rosa” and Armenian “Sarkis” have been around for a long time and are still in business, still crowded every night.

Maybe because neighbor Palermo is extending its limits, Villa Crespo now offers a variety of ethnic restaurants, behind closed doors and vintage look cafes and little bistros. Some of this new places have the Palermo style: small & bohemian chic.
These are some new places we like in Villa Crespo:

With a New York deli style this place specializes in pastry and bakery, all home made and ready to take.
We love the focaccia, the ciabatta, the cornbread and the bagels. Also, try the Hot Pastrami or Tuna Sandwich.
Serrano 789
Phone: 3971-2018

Cafe Crespin
Also inspired in the American cuisine, Cafe Crespin serves the best brioche toast with cinnamon and maple syrup.

Vera 699
Phone: 4855-3771

Almacen Secreto
This restaurant is hidden behind a white wall. Inside all is warm and pleasant: huge pictures on the walls and sculptures. The dishes feature mainly northern and central Argentina: tamales, humitas, or empanadas. Good choice for an intimate dinner.

Aguirre 1242
Phone: 4854-9131. Only with reservations.


Japanese cuisine and sushi. The place is recommended: good product, good service and efficient delivery service.

Rocamora 4584
Phone: 4866-0046


A closed doors restaurant, with a professional, personal and warm touch. Dinners are served Thursday through Saturday. The house is somewhere on Camargo street, address is unfold when booking.

Phone: 1557977267


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