ABSOLUT Art Gallery is coming to town

With the launch of the new campaign BLANK – a creative movement in which the brand positions itself as a catalyst for contemporary creativity, the Swedish brand of vodka ABSOLUT will open in Buenos Aires the ABSOLUT Art Gallery, a new art space.

This art gallery will show the work of 12 renowned and emerging local artists, who set out their vision of the Swedish vodka in a blank canvas: Liniers, Claudio Roncoli, María González Castillo, Augusto Saqueti, Alexis Minkiewics, Mariana Sarraute, Dani Lamarque, Dana Ferrari, Lucía Vera, Juanita Sanchez and Esteban Leiman.

This alliance between Absolut and the art is not new. Artists like Andy Warhol, Keith Flour, Damien Hirst and, most recently, Ellen von Unwerth and Spike Jonze, and worked before with the brand.

Absolut Art Gallery: 858 Arroyo st

September 8th – Opening – Invitation Only
September 9th to 14th – Gallery open to the public (only closed on Monday).
Hours: 11 am to 20.30 pm.


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