Do you know where in Buenos Aires to recycle?

We generate waste, and much of it can be recycled. Do you know where in Buenos Aires to recycle?
We found a website that shows you where you can do it!

The aim of is to inform the community about the places that are dedicated to recycling and / or reuse of various materials.  
On the home page, you can choose the category or product you want to recycle. In the next window, a map listing all the places that recycle this product is shown.


  • Clothes

When you donate clothing, you help many people. A sweater or a pair of shoes that were abandoned but in good condition, can brighten a person’s life.

  • Glass

Bottles, jars, cans, green white or brown glass must be clean and dry, without traces of other materials. Broken glass is not recycled.

  • Cardboard and paper

White or colored paper, envelopes of all paper, continuous forms, newspapers and magazines, folders, brochures, phone books, boxes and containers. All clean and dry.

  • Oil

Used Vegetable Oil is used to produce biodiesel, a sustainable fuel that is produced from waste.

  • Aluminum

Did you know? Recycling one can saves energy equivalent to 3 hours of television set on.

  • Plastic caps

By recycling plastic caps, plastic buckets, tool boxes, brooches, boxes for DVD, rearview mirrors for cars and cups can be produced.

So, there are no excuses. Remember the 3 R’s: recycle, reuse & reduce! 😉


One response to “Do you know where in Buenos Aires to recycle?

  1. I make recycled jewelry from Bottle caps, tin cans etc.

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