6 teams, 24 players, 24 horses: Welcome to the mecca of polo!

They say that “polo follows the sun”…and it is quite true. Now that summer is coming to an end in the northern hemisphere, Polo season is starting in Argentina.

High handicap Polo tournaments are starting: The first one is the Tortugas Polo Open Championship that began yesterday,  September 27th. This tournament, together with Hurlingham and Palermo tournaments are part of the Triple Crown of Argentine Polo.
Teams with the greatest handicap in the world will participate, including La Dolfina and Ellerstina. The final match will take place on October 16th.  All matches will be played on fields at Tortugas, ruta Panamericana Ramal Pilar km. 38.5.

The second High handicap Polo tournament is Hurlingham Club Open that will begin on October 18th. The final match will take place on November 6th.

The last and main one is the Palermo Polo Open Championship, from November 19th until December 10th.

Tickets must be purchased ahead of each game. Don’t wait until the very last moment, they get sold out pretty quick.


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