Did you know?

Back in 1864, Buenos Aires had only 140,000 inhabitants. One morning the Buenos Aires inhabitants found an intriguing surprise: the word “Hesperidin” was painted on the sidewalks of the city. During 2 months, the mysterious name continued to appear, and no one could guess the meaning of it.

On December 24, a vertical ad in the newspaper “La Tribuna”  finally unveiled the mistery, announcing the places where Hesperidin could be bought . The crowd rushed to all the shops and found out that it was a “bitter, prepared from orange peels.”

It was recorded as the 1st brand in Argentina because its creator, Melville Bagley, prompted the creation of the National Register of Patents. Quickly, this drink became very popular in all bars and cafes throughout the country.

This is the story of Hesperidin, an historic Argentine aperitif, with which several drink have been designed.


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