Chinese New Year @ Buenos Aires

The Chinese New Year is a chance to leave the problems of the previous year behind. It is important to start the New Year fresh.

This 2012 is the Year of the Dragon, and there will be a special celebration on the evening of January, 21st to 22nd, at BA’s Chinatown located in Belgrano, an attractive and elegant green area north of the city of Buenos Aires.

Every year, visitors enjoy the famous dragon dance and find along the streets the community stands where chinese immigrants show different aspects of their culture.

There will also be tango shows with live orchestra, choirs of young singers and Chinese artists who will sing traditional and modern themes.

The celebration will end on Sunday evening when, simultaneously, Argentina and Asia will toast for a prosperous Year of the Dragon.

Where: Barrio Chino [ Arribeños entre Olazábal y Juramento y J, Belgrano ]
When: Saturday Jan 21st,  from 15.00 up to 22.00. Sunday Jan 22nd, from 10.00 up to 20.00.


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