New kids on the block (of Palermo)

At Palermo there is always something going on. As the trendy neighborhood of Buenos Aires, there are always new bars & restaurants opening on a monthly basis.

These are the new places to go:

Boteco do Brasil
Have the Prato feito carioca for lunch. Also, caipirinhas, cold guarana or a strawberry, orange and guarana smoothie are a must.
Bonpland 1367

Soria Bar
One of the new & beautiful Palermo bars. Great for having drinks at the patio or terrace on summer evenings.
Gorriti 5151

This pastry shop make some of the best desserts in the city. Arevalo and Voltaire.

Cruz Diablo
The biggest attraction is the bar, located almost on the sidewalk. Perfect for drinks.
Fitz Roy 1715

Try the pineapple & salvia Margarita.
Guatemala 4540


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