Vintage Buenos Aires

Being in fashion means for many people looking at the latest trends and checking what to wear each season, but there is also another large group that has its own parameters, and identify with vintage or retro clothing as a style in itself. Finding stores where to buy the best vintage clothing, can be quite a challenge.

In Buenos Aires there are several shops and boutiques that sell retro or vintage clothing:

Juan Perez (Marcelo T de Alvear 1441) is one of the first shops of vintage clothing in Buenos Aires. The clothes are sorted by color in long racks and there is even a VIP section, where can find luxurious international brands clothing completely original.

Hidden in the Promenade Gallery, located in the charming neighborhood of Recoleta, there for ten years a place called Vintage BA (Av Alvear 1883 – Loc 30), an emblem regarding vintage clothing. But it has an interesting feature: clothing sold exclusively international brands from other seasons.

Hoy como ayer
(Thames 1925) is a small building that was born more than four years ago and is located at Palermo Soho.

More vintage shops in Buenos Aires:

Galeria 5ta Avenida: Avenida Santa Fe 1270 -Recoleta-
El baúl de Valentina : Godoy Cruz 2657 -Palermo-
El Buen orden:  Defensa 804 -San Telmo-

Three tips for buying vintage clothes:

  • Try on clothes, remember that there is no possibility to return them.
  • Check the garment from top to bottom, from the buttons to the zippers. If you find any damage this can help to fight the price.
  • Look for something according to your style.

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