St. Patrick’s Day in Buenos Aires

The ties between Ireland and Argentina are much closer and older than the trivial ethyl celebration of St. Patrick’s day, and the large Irish community in the country strives to keep the celebrations of the Irish saint’s day in the local calendar each year. Here are the most traditional Irish bars of Buenos Aires where to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day:

The Killkenny
Marcelo T. de Alvear 399 – Retiro
Ciudad de Buenos Aires

The Clover
Av. de Mayo 1357 – Monserrat
Ciudad de Buenos Aires

DownTown Matías
Echeverría 3195 – Belgrano
Ciudad de Buenos Aires

The Shamrock
Rodríguez Pena 1220 – Recoleta
Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Humboldt 2000 – Palermo
Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Also, in some countries the St. Patrick’s Day is not complete without a parade. This tradition arrived  to our country and for the past three years there is a parade that is part of the official celebrations.

This year’s event is organized by the Argentine Irish Association “William Brown”, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and the Irish Embassy. The parade begins at 18:45 at the corner of Arroyo and Suipacha and ends at the Plaza San Martin with a music show (Pipers Tartan Army, The Kilt, Mac Manus, Mestizo Rock) and Irish dancing (Argentina Celtic group).

So, don’t be afraid, go green and celebrate St. Patrick’s day!

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