Buenos Aires: a city of books

Buenos Aires has always been a city of books. The libraries, the publishing ventures,  literary magazines,  public libraries and popular, famous and award-winning authors, readers are reading books and identity pillars of Buenos Aires. No wonder it has been declared World Book capital 2011.

Buenos Aires has a flourishing book industry, one of the most competitive in Latin America, owing to the amount of books published every year as well as to the quality of the publications. That is why Buenos Aires is one of the cities concentrating more bookstores.
Corrientes, Santa Fe or Juramento avenues and the shopping malls hold important bookstores offering the latest editions and plenty of material of tourist interest: photography books and tango deluxe editions.
For rare volumes, first editions, antiquarian or sold-out books, manuscripts and foreign language books you should go to the bookstores on Avenida de Mayo, the new circuit of San Telmo and the old bookstores on Corrientes avenue, between Callao and 9 de Julio avenues.

These coming days we have a especial event: La ciudad contada
From March 26 to April 2, Buenos Aires is visited by prominent international writers: Alejandro Zambra (Chile), Yuri Herrera (México), Elvira Navarro (Spain), Wilmer Urrelo Zárate (Bolivia), Natalia Mardero (Uruguay), Gabriela Alemán (Ecuador), Carlos Yushimito (Peru), Eunice Shade (Nicaragua) y Antonio García Ángel (Colombia) will spend a week in the city, to meet their readers and engage various exchanges of ideas with their local counterparts: Oliverio Coelho, Juan Terranova y Matías Capelli.

And we have the major event coming up in April: Feria del Libro (Book Fair) from April 19th to May 7th, 2012.

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