Malbec World Day

For the second year of celebration, Wines of Argentina has decided to organize the event in Argentina in Buenos Aires, a city icon of Latin America that will give this date a great international visibility. 

This special event will be held on April 17, 2012 at 19.30 in the Puerto Madero Yacht Club, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires.

The first Malbec World Day, celebrated worldwide on April 17 2011, was a resounding success and encouraged us to celebrate again this year. With the support of the Argentine Chancellery, more than 40 Argentine diplomatic representations around the world will be organizing activities again this year in celebration of this emblematic day for the Argentine wine industry. Among the participating delegations will be the United States, Canada, China, the Czech Republic, Malaysia, Brazil, Poland, Algeria, Vietnam, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Greece, Australia, Perú, the Philippines, Germany, Denmark, Chile, Venezuela, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Korea, India, the Netherlands, Uruguay, Sweden, Russia, Armenia and Panama.

This year, for the second celebration, Wines of Argentina has decided to organize activities in the following countries and cities:

Buenos Aires
: Washington DC
, Los Angeles
, Seattle, 
New York
  • CANADA: 
, Toronto, 
, Victoria

: Malbec World Day activities will be held in London and all around the country, with promotions in the main wine shops (more than 250 stores, bars and restaurants around the United Kingdom).
: MWD special sales in the main wine shops of the country.
: Activities all around the country promoted by the Exito group. 
Special events in Bogotá.
  • PERÚ
: Activities held all around the country, promoted by Cadena Vivanda.
  • MEXICO: 
Mexico DF, 
Punta Mita
: Activities all around the country promoted by La Europea stores
: São Paulo
, Rio de Janeiro

For detailed information on these events check this link.

Given the promotional potential of Malbec World Day, not only for our wines but also for our country brand, fill your glasses with Malbec next April 17 and drink a toast in honor of the wine that has stirred a revolution in the world’s wine industry.


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