Ice skating in Buenos Aires

If you are visiting Buenos Aires during the winter and want to try some ice skating, this week the Paseo Alcorta shopping opened an ice rink. The mall will host an ice rink until September and it it will cost $ 40 for 45 minutes. In addition, shows and demonstrations will be offered during the weekends.

And, beyond entertainment, if you are looking to take classes and have fun while doing a different exercise, you can visit other ice rinks such as My Way in Palermo, Winter in Caballito or  The Ice Planet in Flores.

  • Paseo Alcorta:
 Av. Figueroa Alcorta & Salguero
  • My Way: 
Av. Cabildo 20, Palermo. Tel.: 4773-0236/4771-7690
  • Winter:
 Yerbal 1617, Caballito.
Tel.: 4631-7883
  • The Ice Planet:
 Av. Rivadavia 7431, Flores.
Tel.: 4611-9218

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