Five cool tips to green up your life

We found this great article at Argentina Independent newspaper and we’d like to share some tips to green up your life :

1. Stop using plastic bags
Carry a bag made out of fabric around with you, or start using a bigger bag, so you can put things directly into your bag. It’s simple, it saves oil and reduces the number of bags in landfills. Just smile and say ‘no hace falta la bolsa, gracias’.

2. Turn off the tap
Leaving the tap running wastes 9 litres of water a minute, the equivalent of what three adults need to survive each day. When you are brushing your teeth, turn the tap off!

3. Stop buying water in plastic bottles
Bottled water produces 1.5 million tonnes of plastic each year, using 47 million gallons of oil in their production. Buy a water filter or choose drinks that come in glass bottles instead (ideally returnable ones!).

4. Separate your rubbish for the cartoneros
Urban recyclers, known as cartoneros, do a wonderful job for very little income. Help them by separating your rubbish. Get to know the ones that pass by your door and ask them what they take. And if you live in a building, speak to your porter about getting everyone involved.

5. Don’t buy unnecessary packaging
Reduce the amount of packaging you take home by not buying produce that comes in packages ready cut, but buy the full product from your local greengrocers. Instead of buying a ready-diced squash, buy a whole one and cut it yourself.

Read the whole article here. And if you like it, share it! 😀


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