Home GPS to Argentine Beef

Beef is Argentina’s most famous export.

We take our beef very seriously and it’s price (or the rise of it) can literally topple the government.

The varied and different cuts can be confusing to visitors, so here is a handy little translator to help you when ordering:

  • Asado: Ribs
  • Tira de asado: Long, thin strips of ribs
  • Bife Angosto: Strip steak of Porterhouse
  • Bife de costilla: T- Bone steak
  • Bife De Chorizo: Sirloin Steak
  • Bife de Lomo: Fillet Mignon or Fillet Steak
  • Entraña: Skirt Steak
  • Cuadril: Rump, served as steak or as a large cut
  • Colita de Cuadril: Tail of the rump
  • Chorizo: Sausage (not spicy)
  • Morcilla: Blood Sausage (US) Black Pudding (UK)
  • Chinchulin: Small or lower intestine
  • Mollejas: SweetBreads
  • Matambre de cerdo: Pork Flank
  • Bondiola: Pork Shoulder

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