The Iglesia Maradoniana

Diego Maradona, the present day football manager considered by many to have been one of the greatest football players of all time, has been elevated to a godlike status before he has even died.

A church, The Iglesia Maradoniana, was conceived ten years ago by some friends in Rosario. They shared so great a love of the infamous player that today’s 120,000 worldwide members of the church believe that the former Boca and Argentina star is God himself.

They seek to bring together hundreds of thousands of Maradona’s fans everywhere. Their religion is football and like every religion there has to be a God.

The church’s role is to keep the passion alive.

Everything takes place within the framework of the passion for football that states that it is “the most beautiful and popular sport on earth.”

La Iglesia Maradoniana even goes as far as to have its own ten commandments, for example ‘Do not mention the name Diego in connection with any one club’, own miracles in the form of Maradona’s playing feats and even its own prayers.

Today, October 30th, is Maradona Christmas Eve and Christmas’ since it’s Diego’s real birthday.  Happy birthday & Merry Xmas!


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