The Amazing Buenos Aires Race

There is always something new going on in Buenos Aires.

This week we received the information on this new…tour? It’s hard to define, but the creators have named it The Amazing Buenos Aires Race.

The Amazing Buenos Aires Race is 50% Tour, 50% Race, but 110% Buenos Aires. So what exactly happens on this race?

People get together at a top secret undisclosed location to begin the race. First clue is given and like a good racer / investigator you will have to figure it out and start moving. Races may have anywhere between 6 to 12 clues and/or pit stops / roadblocks from beginning to end. After about 3 – 4 hours you will majestically and triumphantly end up at the finish line.

What a better way to spend a day exploring Buenos Aires, running around the city, smiling and having a good time? Looks like a great way to discover Buenos Aires, meeting people and having a fun time too.

What to do to sign up? Send an email to and Alan or Frank will get back to you and hook you up with the details.

Don’t forget – teams are for 2 – 4 people. But if you’re simply looking to join a team as a single they will find a willing team to bring you on so you can experience the first Amazing Buenos Aires Race!


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