Feel Home!

December: A month of season changes and celebrations. An ending to a year.

At Home Hotel we want to thank you for your support and share with you our Christmas Spirit. What would be best than wanting you to Feel Home?

Yes, thats’ the name of our new ad campaign, that we are about to launch. We want to share some pictures of regular people (not models) enjoying the hotel, and truly feeling at Home!

The “models” are Home Hotel owners Tom Rixton, Patricia O´Shea and their daughter Lupe; Alicia Abuliak photographer’s  wife, Johny Robson & Marina Charles (creators of Graffitimundo), Javier Estebecorena (from Estebecorena Hermanos) and Sanra Ritten (Casa Felix owner & wife of Diego Felix chef), and actress Chunchuna Villafañe.

The creatives of this campaing are Delfina Venditti from Remolino Agency and Tom Rixton.  The photographer is Pablo Abuliak, argentine but living in California, costume designer is his wife Alicia and fashion stylist is Tammy Christiansen, who also works for Elle Decor Italy, UK and Australia, among other prestigious publishings.

Take a peek:


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