Jef Aerosol: French Street Art in Buenos Aires

Jef Aérosol  at the Recoleta Cultural Centre Jef Aérosol is a French stencil graffiti artist. He has been one of the main urban art artists in France since the ’80s.

Aerosol, now in his 50s, is touring his work internationally. He has left his works on the walls of many cities:  Lisbon, Madrid, Venice, Amsterdam, Paris, London,San Francisco, Zurich, Beijing, Tokyo and Dublin, among others.

Last month he visited Argentina, and kicked off a series of events.

His latest project, Work in Progress, can be seen in two areas in Buenos Aires. The first work can be seen at the Recoleta Cultural Centre until March 31st. The exhibit shows the artist’s array of styles.

The other area where his work can be seen is La Boca: Jef Aerosol painted at a street: on Suárez st. between Lanín and Herrera. This La Boca work is to remain present for public viewing until 16th March.

Our suggestion: Not to be missed.



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