Popemania in Buenos Aires

Pope Francis tourFrom May 11, the City of Buenos Aires will offer a guided tours around the life and pastoral activity of His Holiness Pope Francis.

We believe that those who make this journey they will find not only a story of life, but also teachings and values ​​that are the foundation to build together a better society every day.

Walking tours


  • Days: Every Thursday at 3pm
  • Starting point: San José de Flores Basilica; Av Rivadavia 6950
  • Estimated time: 1.30 h
  • Free. No prior registration.


  1. Basílica San José de Flores
  2. Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Misericordia
  3. Solar de la Infancia
  4. Plazoleta Herminia Brumana
  5. Escuela Nº 08 D.E. 11 “Cnel. Ing. Pedro Antonio Cerviño”

Plaza de Mayo

  • Days: Every Tuesday at 3pm
  • Starting point: Catedral Metropolitana, Rivadavia and Bolívar. (Plaza de Mayo in front of the Cathedral)
  • Estimated time: 1.30 h
  • Free. No prior registration.


  1. Catedral Metropolitana
  2. Arzobispado de Buenos Aires
  3. Pasaje Roverano – Peluquería Romano
  4. Puesto de diarios
  5. Iglesia San Ignacio de Loyola
  6. Iglesia San Francisco de Asís

Bus tour

  • Days: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays | Hours: 9am 12pm and 3-6pm
  • Departure and arrival point: Basilica San José de Flores, Av Rivadavia 6950
  • Estimated travel time: 3 hours
  • Free tour

All tours have limited spaces, that’s why we suggest you to book in advance to circuitopapal@buenosaires.gob.ar

Phone: 4114-5791


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