Travel tips and secrets

travel tips from Home HotelAre you planning a trip? Get ready for your summer or winter holidays. We share some travel tips and secrets to make your next trip a more pleasant one:

  1. Traveling on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday helps you save more since most people tend to book weekend departures. Even if you’re advance booking, flying mid-week can save you hundreds of dollars per ticket.
  2. When traveling, pack your earrings in a pill case to keep them from getting lost.
  3. Minimize wrinkles by rolling, not folding, three to four pieces together, with knits on the inside; for even better results, wrap the bundle in a dry-cleaning bag. And tie a ribbon on your luggage (not solid red — that’s what everyone uses), so it’s easier to spot at the airport.
  4. Always leave a clean house
  5. Download must have apps before leaving the house
  6. Pack all valuables and essentials in your carry on
  7. Take along an empty water bottle to refill after getting through security
  8. Pack liquids in an airtight bag away from any clothing items
  9. Places shoes in plastic bags or shoe bags to protect and minimize odors
  10. If shopping is on the agenda, pack an empty bag in case you need to check it on the trip home
  11. Bring a lightweight scarf and sweater even if it is warm weather: planes, airports and some shops and restaurants get chilly sometimes.

Also, If you’re about to start a trip of more than 5 hours, either in east or west direction, avoid getting jet lag by following some more Home Hotel travel tips:

Remember : non-liquid toiletries, spare shoes, prescription medicines, an extra pair of eye glasses, contact lenses or sunglasses, and your camera you’ll carry with you on the plane in your carry-on bag.

And don’t forget to take enough clothing in your carry-on to get you through at least a day. Sometimes your luggage makes it to a different destination than you do.

What are your travel tips?


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