Yungas: rainy, humid, and warm forest

bosque nublado el nogalar_mtramontiniThe Yungas is an area in northwestern Argentina known for its plant and animal diversity, its moist lush vegetation and for its diversity of natural resources that has provided to mankind for thousands of years.

It occupies less than 2% of the national territory and contains over 50% of the plant and animal species of the country. Additionally, there is a large human population that inhabits the area and generates products that show a history of bond and respect for nature.

ProYungas Foundation for the developmFPY_LOGO GRISent and conservation of the Subtropical Forests is a non-profit organization that works towards the conservation and sustainable development of the Yungas ecoregion (Subtropical Montane Forest) and other subtropical areas of Argentina.

To achieve the objective of conservation and sustainable development, ProYungas works actively with different actors that contribute to the conservation and management of natural resources in highly sensitive environmental areas (local communities, enterprises, government agencies, non-profit organizations, researchers, etc.).

And that’s why they have developed a special program: “the ambassador program”, in which hotels and restaurants along Argentina help in the tourism development in the Yungas areas.

Guess who the 1st Buenos Aires ambassador is? Yes, you have guessed it!: Home hotel.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAProYungas Foundation has also developed different products and services that allow anyone who acquires them to connect with the history between man and nature: they are called PRODUCTO YUNGAS

Customers enjoy the quality of the products while contributing with their purchase to the conservation of the Yungas, its nature and its people.

Home Hotel is proud to support a brand like PRODUCTOYUNGAS with social and environmental responsibility and compromise.

We are happy to contribute to the conservation and management of natural resources.


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