Colectivaizeishon: a book about Buenos Aires

Colectivaizeishon 05Colectivaizeishon. Action and effect of taking all the buses in Buenos Aires. (Dictionary of the Royal Academy of Spanish)

This is a book about Buenos Aires and the Argentinized Englishman who woke up one day and decided to take all her buses.

It is not a book about buses. It is a book about how we experience, perceive and use the space of a city. It is a book for all those people who have ever wondered “what happens if I just stay on until the end of the line?” It is a book for all those who ever looked at a map of the city they lived in and realised that, in spite of the years, they didn’t know half of their own city.

In a period of seven months in 2011-2012, freelance writer and translator Daniel Tunnard spent around 400 hours travelling on every one of the 140 bus lines that criss-cross the capital. It was, as he saw it, a chance to explore and interact with parts of the city he had never been to; an opportunity to turn something functional into an experiment; a reason to put on a pair of trousers.

Colectivaizeishon’ is a collection of the observations, reflections, and revelations he made during all those long bus rides.

Another point of view to explore the city.


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