Art intervention at Home Hotel

lunaHome Hotel will be covering in color and design all public spaces through various artistic interventions, starting on September 25th and to be renewed each season. This exhibition will be open throughout the spring for art design and good living lovers.

Each new season, a group of local artists appointed by LATIDO will do this art intervention at HOME public spaces, integrating with different visual contemporary art, green design, action painting, street art and illustration.

diegoAmong the guest artists for the spring period include:

  • Ana Paula Hall: columns intervention,
  • Angeles Ascúa: library,
  • Carmen Sánchez Sarmiento -Diego Martinez: action, installation-,
  • Doris Viñas: balconies intervention,
  • Luna Portnoi: lobby intervention
  • Maria Ceci: glass intervention,
  • Patricia Miani: garden intervention
  • Jose Franco: lobby intervention
  • Resident artists PUM PUM: wall intervention,
  • Alejandro O ‘Shea: wall intervention,
  • Lucia Alvarez: garden intervention,
  • Norma Catan: courtyard intervention
  • Juan Pablo Cambariere: wall intervention,

Created by LATIDO especially for Home hotel, this convergence of art and design is understood as a spot integration, combination and visualization, creating value through art.

The exhibition will be open to the public from September 25 until the end of December.

A must see in the Buenos Aires art scene.


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