Bodegones: a porteño restaurant

Oviedo (photo: Revista Joy)

Oviedo (photo: Revista Joy)

The gastronomical identity of Buenos Aires would be very different without the existence of those typical porteño restaurants called “bodegones”, a culinary expression that arises from first stores and grocery stores that served “something to munch on” and sold products or drinks as well. This bodegones were originated by the merge between the Creole flavors and recipes that communities of immigrants brought to the country.

Bodegones are characterized for having a “local” flavor with some history, they can be informal and comfortable and offer an extensive menu, with homemade food and traditional dishes in generous portions and at very affordable prices.

Bar El Gallego

Bar El Gallego

What defines a bodegon is the feeling of belonging to the city. It is a place for everyone, which recreates the family table in coexistence with a public space.

The neighborhoods of Buenos Aires are honoring the source of the gastronomical tradition with “semana de los bodegones porteños”. Over 40 bodegones offer a special menu for lunch or dinner, that range between $ 79 to $ 129 pesos.

Home recommends:

  • El bar del gallego: Bonpland 1703 – Tel. 011-4771-1526
  • Oviedo: Guatemala 5501 – Tel. 011-4776-7693
  • Social la lechuza: Uriarte 1980 – Tel. 011-4773-2781

Remember: “Semana de los bodgones porteños” will finish on October 4th.


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