What to do in Buenos Aires when it rains?

What to do in Buenos Aires when it rains1- Visit the Planetarium Galileo Galilei

The Planetarium Galileo Galilei, located in the Palermo, presents  a special show with the purpose of getting kids in touch with the universe. For generations, “porteños” have been amazed at its dome, which can simulate a night full of stars, or the meteorite located in the hall of this nice place.

Cosmic collisions, the current show , is about the unimaginable explosive encounters that shaped our solar system, changed the course of life on Earth and continue to transform in the future our galaxy and the universe.

Tuesdays thru Fridays at 4, 5, 6, 7pm


Tickets $30 pesos

2-Visit Mercado de las Pulgas

Located on the boundary of Palermo, on the corner of Dorrego and Conde, Colegiales can just claim the Mercado de las Pulgas (flea market) as its own. The open shed consists of 143 stores filled with antiques, retro furniture, chandeliers, vintage posters, and many more miscellaneous goods.

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 7pm on the corner of Dorrego and Conde.

3- Have the 5 o clock tea at Confitería Las Violetas

luxuriously decorated– with red and gold accents adorning stunningly high ceilings, stained glass from the original building, and grand pillars that will make you feel like you have somehow found yourself in a royal tearoom.

Av. Rivadavia 3899 at the corner with Medrano. It is open daily from 8am until close

4-Visit a bookshop cafe

A must visit bookshop is the– ex-theatre Ateneo Grand Splendid. If you don’t feel like leaving Palermo, then go to Libros del Pasaje

5- Forget all previous suggestions…and check into Home Hotel Spa

Leave the noise and grit of the city behind and step into our Spa, a space where relaxation reaches new heights. Our Spa at Home Hotel Buenos Aires offers you a range of massage, body & facial therapies to suit your needs, moods and wants.

You deserve it…

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