Buenos Aires by Bike

Bicing is the name of a ‘community bicycle program’ in Barcelona inaugurated on March 22, 2007, similar to the Vélô service in Toulouse, and Vélib‘ in Paris.

This Bicing system or Public Bicycle Sharing System is also working in Buenos Aires: the city government lends a bicycle for free for a period of up to two hours. They can be removed in Bicing stations and be submitted in another city Bicing station.

If you’re a tourist in town, you can now use the Public Bicycle Sharing System to get to know the City in a different way. Head to the closest station, show your original passport and provide a photocopy. You will also need to leave your personal information and contact information of the place you’re staying at: address, hotel name (as applicable) and telephone number. They will take your picture and you´ll have to punch in your PIN number. You sign the affidavit accepting the terms and off you pedal!
The service is free of charge and is available Mondays through Fridays from 8 AM to 8 PM and on Saturdays from 9 AM to 3 PM..

Another option for tourists to visit and discover a different Buenos Aires is to rent a bicycle, for example with La Bicicleta Naranja or Bike tours. They have a large fleet of bicycles, perfectly suitable for street circuits. This service includes safety helmets and locks.
They also organize tours where you’ll be immersed in history, culture and current affairs of the city through the eyes of the locals.

However, whether renting a bike or touring, it is interesting to know which streets are those with greater exposure to risk. And based on the same, determining routes or walks. The most dangerous streets are the avenues Rivadavia, Corrientes, San Juan, Cordoba, Belgrano, Santa Fe and 9 de Julio.

Check in this map where to ride safely: Ciclovias.

And make sure to wear sunscreen 😀


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