About us


Patricia O´Shea grew up in Palermo Viejo. She lived in Ireland for 16 years studying, working and finally running her own PR company. Patricia met her English husband Tom Rixton, a dj and record producer while working in Dublin. They married in Argentina in 2002 with friends flying in from all over the world to celebrate. It became clear to them that there was a lack of suitable accommodation in Palermo where everyone wanted to stay.
“From this experience we realized there was a need for a hotel in this location and with all the things our friends wanted. So we decided to create Home, the hotel we and our friends would like to stay at.” Tom Rixton

We hope to welcome you Home.

Patricia & Tom Rixton

6 responses to “About us

  1. I have loved Home hotel ever since I first stayed there in 2006. And even when I can’t get a room, the garden bar is still one of my favorite places to have a drink. Loving the new blog — Keep up the good work!
    You might enjoy checking out our blog, too: http://www.therealargentina.com/
    Hope to see you again soon.
    Kyle from Argento Wine, Mendoza & London

  2. this site is wonderful. we are on our way to buenos aires in month., trying to pin down hotel and found you. really look forward to exploring this later.

  3. What a remarkable hotel .thanks for wonderful stay .Love to louda in restaurant and tell Mariana I won the football competition Kind regards Norton and Dianna Gold

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