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November 2: night of the record stores

On 2 November the city air will be filled with music: The night of the record stores will be celebrated and with it a great opportunity to inform the public of its artists, discover new ideas and, above all, to reassess the space of  record stores as ideal places to hold music.
Last year was the first edition in our city and thousands of people flocked to record stores to meet their favorite artists, discover new voices and take advantage of discounts and promotions offered.

Musimundo – Av Corrientes 1753
Live Shows:
19 pm: Thian.
19:30 pm: Agustín Almeyda.
Then both artists will be signing albums.
Special discounts on the sale of CDs and DVDs.
Zivals – Av Callao 395
Live Shows:
17:30 pm: Sandro Tribute by Gerome Assembly Amador and Hector Romero.
19 hours: 34 puñaladas.
20 pm: Beata Söderberg.
21 pm: Guillermo Fernandez.
Discounts and special promotions.
El perseguidor – Av Corrientes 1718
Live Shows:
19 pm: Oscar Miranda.
21:30 pm: Mariano Massolo Trio.
Ultra – San Martín 678
Discounts and special promos.
Random Store – Av Corrientes 1662
From 17:30 to 19:30 hours the production of the “Club Brazil” meets with his listeners. Special discounts on Brazilian music.
LEF-Av. Pueyrredón 232
Live Shows
18 pm: El Chinito
19 pm: Antho Mattei
20 pm: Paola Miranda
Discounts and promotions. Also, after each show, the artists sign their albums.
Other music stores that offer discounts and promotions: El agujerito (Maipú 971); Cool Music (Av. Callao 687); Oíd Mortales (Av. Corrientes 1145); Silbando discos (Av. Corrientes 1543); Tempo (Av. Corrientes 1131); El Ateneo (sucursales Florida 340 y Florida 629); C Disquería (Av. Corrientes 1274); El mundo de la música (Callao 453).

Miles – Honduras 4912
Discounts and promotions. Surprise guests.
Zivals-Serrano 1446
Live Shows:
18 pm: Los Hermanos Butaca con Mavi Díaz.
19 pm: Fernando Goin.
20 pm: Estelares.
Discounts and special promotions.
Compakta-J. Salguero 2656. Local 7
Live Shows:
Pablo Krantz // Manza (Valle de Muñecas).
Discounts and promotional combos. Esteban Prol recommended albums.
Piccolo and Saxo – Avenida Santa Fe 3591
Live Shows:
19 pm: Esteban Morgado.
Recommending artists albums. Discounts and special promotions.
Other music stores that offer discounts and promotions: Rock n´Freud (Arenales 3337); Tempo (Borges 1666); RGS (Av. Corrientes 5233).

Notorious – Av Callao 966
Live Shows:
20 pm: Delfina Oliver.
21:30 pm: Modern Jazz Band.
23 pm: Jam sessions of Brazilian music.
From 18 pm: a selection of renowned music journalists recommended public records.
Also: Happy Hour Wine Winery Cycles Esteco of Cafayate. And with every purchase over $ 70 – a The Esteco 187, gift.
In the Gallery Bond Street – Av Santa Fe 1670 (extended hours)
Disquería Anthology (Local 7): Acústicos de Sergio Dawi; Yalo; El Soldado;  Sergio Álvarez (Panza); Mustafa y Yoda. Descuentos & promos.
Disquería Thor (Local 51): Pato Larralde (cantante de Sauron) open to the public. Surprise guests. Special discounts.
Record store La Lupita (Local 5): Shows surprise!
HTM record store (Local 13 underground): Discounts and promos.

LEF – Triunvirato 4673
Discounts and special promotions.
Musimundo – Av Cabildo 1873
Discounts and promotions.
El Ateneo – Cabildo Av 2093
Special discounts.
Stars Digital – DOT BAIRES – Vedia 3632.

Cafes Week @ Bares Notables porteños

October 23rd to 27th
During this week, you will be able to enjoy performances of tango, and flamenco in notable bars (Bares Notables porteños). In addition, on Tuesday 26, from 17 to 22,  a special celebration will be held: drink 4 coffees and pay only 2. October 26 marks the day of the Cafe, commemorating that day in 1894 (115 years ago) the historic Café Tortoni opened on Avenida de Mayo 825.

Cafes Notables Special tours

➤Bars of Avenida de Mayo:
Meeting point: Bar 36 Billares, Avenida de Mayo1265 @ 5 pm
route: Bar Castelar, Bar Iberia, Cafe Tortoni, Confiteria London City, where at 7pm Nico del Cid (flamenco) will be performing.

SUNDAY 24 ➤ 
Bars in San Nicolas
Meeting point: Confiteria Ideal, Suipacha 384 @ 5 pm
route: Confiteria Ideal Café, La Giralda, and Café Petit Colon, where at 8pm Marcelo Dallamea (tango) will be performing.

➤ Bars in Almagro
Meeting point: Bar de Roberto, Bulnes and Peron @ 6 pm
route: Bulnes, Corrientes, Sanchez de Bustamante, Guardia Vieja, end tour, bar El banderin, where at 7pm Esteban Riera (tango ) will be performing.

Bars in Boedo
Meeting point:  Cafe Homero Manzi, San Juan and Boedo  @ 5.30 pm
route: Cafe Margot, Av Boedo and  San Ignacio. At 7pm: inauguration of the new façade of Café Margot, Av Boedo 857.
➤Bars in Barracas
Meeting point: Bar El Progreso, Av Montes de Oca 1702 @ 7.30 pm
route: California Street to the Bar Los Laureles, where the tour ends with show: Pablo Mainetti and Cesar Angeleri at 21.30

What to do on a rainy day?

What to do on a rainy day? Here’s our suggestion for today:

German Film Festival at Abasto Shopping
Tuesday 28@15.30hs
This is the story of what happened in 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, when the German Olympic Committee decided to ban the participation of Jewish athletes.

Tuesday 28@17.40hs
Road-movie full of tension: two television journalists, a doctor and a nurse, all Germans, and an Iraqi driver embark on a dangerous, almost insane, travel by van through the desert from Baghdad to Fallujah, to get medications for a hospital.

Tuesday 28@19.40hs
Day comes
Excellent directorial debut Susanne Schneider (also wrote the script) that shows the unhealed wounds that left in the German society of terrorism by the 70.

Tuesday 28@9.30 pm: Modern? Jazz Band
Callao 966

What if in the same concert a band starts playing modern jazz and switches to jazz of New Orleans? 
To give that answer now is the Modern? Jazz Band, a “Big” made especially for the night of Notorious by pianist and arranger Manuel Fraga.

Tibetan bowls @ Home

Have you ever tried a sound massage? We did and loved it! This is why we have this new service at Home Spa.

Singing bowls (also known as Tibetan bowls) are instruments that produce harmonics sounds. Today they are employed worldwide for meditation, trance-induction, relaxation, healthcare, personal well-being and religious practice.
They reduce our tensions and arouse the sleeping part of our subconscious, predisposing health benefits.

Get an optimal state of relaxation, pleasure, elevation and harmony. Leave the noise and grit of the city behind and step into Home Spa. OMMM…

Home Hotel Alternative World Cup Soundtrack

We are all sick to death of shakira waka wakaing, and the K’naan coke song wavin’ flags, so I think we need some great world music some modern and some from the archives to give us a global vibe.

I have gone for compilations as they give you a better over view:


“Next Stop Soweto” vol.2

a collection of soul, r&b, funk and psychadelic sounds from the townships 1969 – 1976


Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou – Vol.1 and vol. 2

Voodoo sounds, Afro Beat Psychaldelic, Latin and Afro Funk


Nigeria Special – Vol. 1

Modern Highlife, Afro-sounds and nigerian Blues 1970 – 1076


African Scream Contest

Raw and Psychaldelic Afro sounds from Bernin and Togo in the 1970’s


Ethiopiques Volume 4: Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentale 1969-1974

compiled by Tom Rixton

We are loving….

the new Victoria Mil album just out.  Great artwork by Delfina Venditti, in Home´s humble opinion Argentina most talented graphic designer.

Cada Golpe by VICTORIA MIL.